Shopping Online for Made in Canada

When shopping online – do you ever do a search for ‘Made in Canada’? You should – you’ll be surprised at how many unique and quality items appear. For example – on a recent search at, 464 search results came up. Everything from furniture to kids stuff to wine cellars to office products to patio furniture and so many other things.  Other major retailers such as Sears and The Brick also do a fine job of promoting any Made in Canada products they carry.   Some retailers are very proud of the number of Canadian Made products they carry and make it easy for you to find them.  Many will have a small maple leaf in the description or attached to the picture of the product.  And just because you don’t see the maple leaf in some advertising on other retailer’s sites, it doesn’t mean they don’t carry Canadian Made products, it just might mean that they don’t advertise it much because they have so few items, it then becomes apparent they have mostly offshore items.

Take that extra step when shopping online and add Made in Canada to your search query!

August 19, 2016


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