Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Find Canadian Made Directory?

The Find Canadian Made Directory is a …

  • a listing that includes Canadian Made product listings , as well as many business and manufacturers;
  • search engine;
  • beneficial advertising opportunity;
  • service to business and community; and 
  • tool for bringing people, products and services together.


How much does it cost to be listed in the directory?

The listing is provided as part of either a new application or annual renewal. There is no charge for an institution to be listed in the directory. However, we offer enhanced listing services for a modest price. For more info, click fees.


How can I add my business to the directory?

Canadian businesses or manufacturers may promote their products on this site. If you are operating such – simply go to Add Listing and get your company name and products listed.


Who do I contact if I have questions?

Leave us a message via our contact page, or email us at


What if the information on my profile is incorrect?

If the information for your business or institution is incorrect, you may edit via My Account >> My Listing >> Select Listing to Edit >> Click “Edit Listing” >> Make Your Edits >> Save.


How do I have my information removed from the directory?

If you wish to remove your business or product from the directory, go to My Account >> My Listing >> Select Listing to Edit >> Click “Delete”


How often is the directory updated?

The directory is updated everyday.


How long will it take for my information to change?

Listings that need approval may take a number of days to complete so don’t be alarmed if your information isn’t updated immediately. Once the new information has been entered, the directory will reflect this change within a 24-hour period. 


How do I search for a business or institution?

There are two methods to search the directory:

a) The ‘Basic Keyword Search’ (located below the main menu) allows the user to enter any partial business or name, and category. For example: the user could enter ‘Gazebos’ or ‘Electric Motorcycle’. This would find all the listings that match those words.

b) The ‘Advanced Search’ (located on sidebars) allows the user to search by location. This would include (partial) business or name, category, and province. This search provides a drop down list for the provincial name.


I’ve noticed something that doesn’t work, who do I tell?

If you have found an error in the function of the directory, please let us know as soon as possible. Leave us a message on our contact page, or email us at