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  • Clamato Juice - For Everyone's Favourite Cocktail

    Clamato Juice - it's what makes the Canadian invented Bloody Caesar so good. , ,

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    Novelty Chocolate Items

    Splendid offers molded novelty items in solid, pop, and hollow forms made with premium chocolate.

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    Coffee, Tea, Cappuchino, & Hot Chocolate

    Colonial Coffee roasts and blends the finest Arabica whole bean or ground coffees in Southwestern Ontario.

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    Coffee, Tea, Cappuchino, & Hot Chocolate

    Mother Parkers is the 4th largest coffee company in North America - largest in Canada and has been around since 1912.

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    Frozen French Fries

    The king of Frozen Foods in Canada - McCain supplies 1/3rd the global market for it's famous fries and is the #1 supplier to McDonald's of fries. ,

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    Smoked & Cured Meats

    Serving the Finest Smoked and Cured Meats in Ontario since 1972 ,

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    Fine Chocolates

    Fine Chocolates made in Chatham, Ontario by Regine Fine Chocolates ,

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