Injection Mold Quoting Software

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Injection Mold Quoting Software

ToolQuote is an Interactive mold quoting software tool that automates and organizes quoting for mold/tool makers

ToolQuote has a user friendly and powerful graphic interface that quickly creates a visualization of tool layouts

ToolQuote also has a user definable database that interacts with the graphic interface to quickly calculate costs

Key Features of ToolQuote include:

  • A tool layout is generated graphically from cavity sizes.
  • Steel sizes and material costs for all tool positions are automatically calculated and generated from the graphic tool layout.
  • Multiple tool profiles can be created and selected for fast generation of specific tool costs.
  • A history of each quote can be displayed to give a fast and clear overview of revisions to quotes.
  • Calculations, reports and quotes are easily printed or e-mailed directly from ToolQuote.
  • Existing quotes can be filtered and compared using a range of parameters.
  • Actual costs can be added to each tool for future comparison to new quote calculations.
  • Existing quotes or individual tools can be copied and used as templates for new quotes.

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