Portable Security Bar for Doors

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Portable Security Bar for Doors


The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jamming bar is a portable, easily positioned security device designed to provide instant, low cost, basic or back-up door protection for home, office, work, traveling, and many other situations.

You may feel that there are so many alarm and home security systems available that there is no need for the DAVIE-BAR™.

These alarm systems may help to protect your possessions, though they do not prevent intrusion into your home – in fact they do not even go off until the intrusion has occurred.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is especially valued with travelers who feel their safety could be compromised in motels and hotels with security that is quite lacking for your comfort level.

The DAVIE-BAR™ weighs only one-pound. If you can lift a pound of coffee, you can lift and set it. With the DAVIE-BAR™ you can defend yourself from an attacker who weighs several hundred pounds with almost no effort at all.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is extremely portable so you can take it anywhere you go. There are similar devices, though they cannot compete with the original DAVIE-BAR™ for strength, durability, and portability. In fact many purchasers of the similar devices don’t even use them in their own homes because they are so heavy, clumsy, and difficult to set. DAVIE-BAR™ can go anywhere and takes only seconds to assure your wellbeing.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is fully-adjustable.

It can be used to protect you from intrusion from most doors you will encounter here or on any of your travels.

The standard entrance door swings inwards towards the room, the DAVIE-BAR™ will fit and make access impossible to virtually any inward swinging door.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is extremely easy to adjust and set to almost any door. It takes no more than a few seconds to correctly set and fit the DAVIE-BAR™ to make intrusion nearly impossible on any door that you may encounter.

True safety does not lie in your ability to confront and overwhelm your aggressor, it lies in your ability to prevent having to confront your aggressor. The DAVIE-BAR™ stops the aggressor.

The DAVIE-BAR’S™ foot is a remarkable feat of design. It is designed to grip tightly to almost any surface. The foot of the DAVIE-BAR™ took many years and many thousands of dollars to develop to grip positively to any surface that may ever be encountered.

The plastic components of the DAVIE-BAR™ are constructed of the highest and strongest plastic engineered on the world today. The plastic head and footing of the DAVIE-BAR™ took many years and thousands upon thousands of dollars to perfect.

The DAVIE-BAR™ comes in two different styles.

The 2 section style is intended for home use and the 3 section style is for travel use as it can easily fit into a small briefcase when disassembled, though it can also be used for home use.

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